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At Book it Vicky; we are a collective of Aruba vacation specialists. We harness our knowledge of this exquisite island and all it has to offer vacationers and ensure that you enjoy a true slice of paradise during your stay here. Located in the Southern Caribbean Sea; Aruba is one of the world’s best-known vacation islands with so much to offer the scores of holidayers that make their way to these shores every year. On the other hand; Book it Vicky is your friendly Aruba guide, concierge and travel assistant, with the expertise and experience to ensure that your Aruba vacation is truly an exotic dream brought to life.


The dictionary defines a concierge in multiple ways and at Book it Vicky; we are all of that and more. We serve as gatekeepers at Aruba and we welcome you in, we serve as guides, we ensure that your explorations of Aruba get you to all the best and most exquisite spots on the islands. We are the experts to help you find the best accommodation on the island in keeping with your budget and preferences. In most possible ways; Book it Vicky is committed to facilitating a truly exquisite Aruba vacation experience.

We are happy to be your guide or your travel assistant from the moment you set foot on the island of Aruba.  

We partner with a number of luxury holiday homes in Aruba to ensure that you can avail of the best vacation accommodation with all modern amenities during your stay here in Aruba.

From the very moment you get off the plane in Aruba; the experts at Book it Vicky get to work. Our chauffeur services ensure timely pickup and drops to and from the airport for all of our clients who require this service.

The Book it Vicky Aruba vacation experience also includes personal guides to help you find your way around the island, to guide you as you explore Aruba’s exquisite beaches and to ensure that you find yourself at Aruba’s premier clubs, restaurants, bars, and pubs.

Our Aruba vacation experience is customized and as such; whether you are traveling with family, friends or a romantic interest; Book it Vicky has the perfect Aruba itinerary planned for you.

We facilitate hassle-free exploration of Aruba with car rentals and planned private tours; to ensure that all our clients go home with unforgettable memories of the many delights of Aruba.  

These are just some of the USPs of Book it Vicky; our bouquet of services is truly extensive and includes…

  • Car Rental Services
  • Airport Transportation Services
  • Holiday Home Rentals
  • Private Island Tour Services
  • Travel Agency Services
  • Private Chef Services
  • Wedding Planning Services
  • Marriage Proposal Facilitation
  • Private Dinners and Events
  • Long Term Rental Services
  • Short Term Rental Services 
  • Real Estate Agent Services 


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