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Vicky Perez

Vicky Perez

Aruba One Paradise in the tropic

are you looking for a vacation where you can really disconnect? ...

In Aruba, the happy island, you will be received with a splendid smile and treated as an honored guest what everybody is looking after a crazy and busy year of work.

Vicky Perez Aruba

The only decisions you’ll make in this heavenly place is which sites to visit, and where to go to enjoy the cuisine that Aruba offers. And this is where “The Tourist Route with Vicky” will be of much help. We will include the expected but also the unexpected, finding these interesting and memorable alternatives that will be available in each of our Blog Posts.

Aruba has the highest number of multiple visits throughout the Caribbean. (tourists returning more than once). Also, it is the most popular Caribbean destination for honeymoons.

Aruba climate and typography

This volcanic island has a desert climate, this is the only island with this weather in the Caribbean, normally the weather is humid and tropical. Moreover, its position outside the hurricane corridor allows to receive tourism throughout the year, while its constant winds blow refreshing air brings relief to temperatures average in 2 7 degrees Celsius

Aruba language

In this beautiful island, multilingual, most of the people speak English, Dutch, Spanish & Papiamento (Which is the local Language), although Spanish it is not the official language. Located just 20 miles from the Venezuelan coast, and just over the Colombian peninsula, Aruba has received a strong wave of Latino immigration. So much so that Latinos represent a quarter of the population in this island of only 100,000.

Book it Vicky places to Stay

aruba beaches

Aruba has miles of clean beaches with soft white sand like sugar. In addition, their coasts are not full of people. Instead, you will be amazed by the great space at certain beaches.

where to stay and what to do in aruba

I can tell you that Aruba is not quantity, it’s quality, maybe you pay a little more than elsewhere, but you will guarantee good weather, space, and excellent service offered on the Island

In Aruba you can find an impressive variety of five-star hotels, vacations homes, villas, shopping malls with high class and luxurious casinos. It has beautiful golf courts at reasonable rates, and there are even private tennis neighborhoods where tourists come to live and play during the winter months in their countries.


Juan felipe Salazar and Alexandra Nisimblat visiting from Colombia; enjoying the nightlife of Aruba with us. pic credit- book it Vicky

aruba nightlife

Aruba’s nightlife also has a good reputation. People from Aruba and its tourists like to party. The island has an amazing variety of restaurants, clubs, boat tours in sunset and whatever you can imagine to enjoy a spectacular evening at the Happy Island.

At the end, while you are immersed in the destination, you can forget the extra baggage and you can be in the present with us enjoying some of this paradise in the tropics.

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