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We Provide Concierge Services that are Customized to Ensure that Our Clients Enjoy the Ultimate Vacation Experience in Aruba while We Take Care of the Logistics.

That is really an interesting question and very complex to answer. What we do, well we do everything that is why we are the best and most complete travel services in Aruba. From the most simple thing like a private airport transfers to your hotel and or villa to a something a little more complex like preparing your complete wedding ceremony, party, and honeymoon. We can arrange your airfare tickets, rent you a car, or take you to an island tour. We can arrange your accommodations, big family, small family, couples or traveling alone no problem we have you covered, just give us a call or send us an email and we will take care of everything for you.

Car Rental

We ensure that you have the best means of transport while exploring Aruba. Our wide range of motor vehicles available for rental includes the latest and best car models to provide a safe and pleasurable ride while you are exploring Aruba.

Airport Private transfers

Book it Vicky specializes in timely transportation to and from the airport. We are well equipped to handle both single and group transportation to and from Queen Beatrix International Airport.

Private Island Tours

We are well-known as private tour operators committed to ensuring that you enjoy the best of all that Aruba has to offer vacationers on the island. Our tour itineraries can and will be customized keeping in mind your interests and preferences.   

Properties By Book it Vicky

For those looking to purchase holiday homes or any kind of real estate in Aruba; Book it Vicky is the ideal real estate broker to have on your team. We specialize in long-term and short-term accommodation bookings and transportation facilities for our clients.

Travel Agency

We are well equipped with the expertise to take over all your Aruba travel needs including booking flights tickets on your behalf, ensuring comfortable accommodation during your stay and drawing out the perfect Aruba itinerary; customized to meet your vacation needs.

Private Chef

We can ensure that your Aruba vacation experience includes hassle-free fine dining and wining even when you are not at one of Aruba fine restaurants.


For those that have made the brilliant decision to choose exquisite Aruba as their wedding destination; Book it Vicky is the wedding planner to get in touch with.  

Marriage Proposals

For those that choose Aruba as the perfect place to make a marriage proposal; Book it Vicky is at your service to help execute the most romantic proposal ideas at the right time and the right place.

Private Dinners or Events

Aruba enjoys the status of being one of the most sought-after vacation destinations for a wide range of events, private dinner, and various festivities. Book it Vicky is at your service to ensure that any such event is perfectly executed any time and Aruba venue of your choice.

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