Things to do in Aruba: 5 Must-Have Experiences

Finding things to do in Aruba is the easy part. The hard part is choosing which adventure to go on first!

Though a small island, Aruba is brimming with outdoor scenes to explore, beaches to play on, wildlife to encounter, and countless other activities to help you make lasting memories. 

It was tough, but I’ve narrowed down five of the best things in to do in Aruba that highlights some of the island’s most attractive places and gives you a taste of the local experience.

Escape to Boca Prins

One of the island’s most beautiful beaches, this secluded cove is located within Arikok National Park. It’s also one of the hardest beaches to access, which is probably why it’s in pristine condition every time I visit. 

Most people don’t want to make the effort to get here, especially since the waters are too dangerous for swimming. But if you’re looking for a relaxing day on the beach with no sounds but the waves and birds, this place will put you on instant vacation mode. 

Take an Aruba Walking Tour

The best way to see a new place isn’t by car or bus, but rather on foot. There are several walking tours that you can join that will take you to local monuments, museums, shopping, and restaurants, and even give you a little history lesson along the way. 

Explore Aruba’s Darkest Secrets with a Cave Tour

For adventure seekers, Aruba is home to some amazing caves worth exploring. 

The Fontein cave is one of the most popular on the island. Inside, you’ll find ancient pictographs left behind by the Arawak Indians. It’s a vivid scene of Arubian history you won’t find anywhere else.

The Quadirikiri Cave is also a favorite for locals and tourists alike. Sunlight seeps through the top of the cave for a cool effect, so you can leave the flashlight at home.

Both of these caves are also located in Arikok National Park, which comprises about 20% of the island.

Cool Off at Conchi, Aruba’s Natural Pool

Volcanic stone forms the barrier to Aruba’s natural pool, known locally as Conchi. One of the most remote locales of the island, Conchi is the type of place most people think of when they dream of tropical island vacations. It’s quiet, serene, and simply breathtaking, and makes it easy to unwind.

Tour Philip’s Animal Garden

If you’re touring the island with children (or have a soft spot for animals), you’ll want to make a visit to Philip’s Animal Garden, a non-profit organization that rescues exotic animals. Visitors who love all things flurry, feathery, and slithery can tour the garden and get up close and personal with pigs, ponies, a kangaroo, an ocelot, alpacas, capuchin monkeys, and other wildlife. 

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